KI Bed Wetting + KI Disturbed Sleep + KI Anxiety

Value Bundle
A results-oriented, specifically combined KI aromatherapy routine to quickly help with emotional-related ailments for adults and children from 7 years.
Adults and kids from 7 years. See individual bundle items for specific instructions.

TOUCH OF WELLNESS. You&Oil KI bioactive essential oil blends are specifically created to quickly and safely help adults with their cold-related, emotion-related and specific ailments. This 3 product value bundle consists of KI Bed Wetting, KI

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How, when to use?

You&Oil KI stimulates certain body points by lightly rubbing in order to awaken our body’s internal resources. Essential oils accelerate the supply of oxygen to the body cells, which improves metabolism and body’s regenerative processes. it boosts the well-being and helps in faster recovery.
Please review bundle products separately for more specific information on how to use KI essential oil blends.
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It is a great pleasure for us to work with You&Oil brand. The brand arrived in Brazil in 2019 and it is a great success already! We love You&Oil products and we trust the high quality and efficacy of them all. We thank You&Oil for having products with such nourishing ingredients! Kisses
Ananda Boschilia e Santos, Partner and Director
Biouté, Brazil
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