Food Shots. Cherry + Fig

Antioxidants Complex
30 ml
Multi-application food supplement for beauty or nutrition.
Softens and moisturizes the skin.
Minimises large pores.
Lightens pigmented spots.
Provides the body with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
Lowers blood cholesterol.
Normalizes blood pressure.
Topically for adult skin and/or taken internally with porridge, smoothies or yogurt.

A FLIRTATION OF BEAUTY WITH FOOD: Food Shots are unparalleled food supplement complexes developed by You&Oil in collaboration with Alfas Ivanauskas, a renowned Lithuanian kitchen myth breaker. They are products of the future, a beauty and food

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    Why To Love It?

    How, when to use?

    These unparalleled natural supplements can be used both internally and externally for beauty or wellness purposes.
    FOR FACE: Once a day apply 4-5 drops on moist face before using your favorite cream.
    FOR FOOD: The recommended dose for adults is 7-10 drops once a day. Suitable for use with porridge, fruit/vegetable smoothies, yogurts.
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    1. Sheila
      Age range  
      Got rid of my large pores

      I’m big! I’m fat! I have large pores! I hate these comments and it hurts me. I told myself that I would no longer hear those comments…Never! So, I decided to give attention to myself. I asked my colleagues what product would be proper for my condition and they suggested the You & Oil Food Shots Cherry + Fig. I read the leaflet and study what benefits I could get if I take this. Well, the promises are quite interesting. I started to include this in my diet as well as beauty routine since it says that it can be used internally and externally. Slowly, my cholesterol level lowered. Probably because of the fig oil content. At the same time, my skin is clearer and fresh-looking. No more large pores. Now, I am proud of myself:))

    2. Krista
      Skin type  
      Problematic skin
      Age range  
      Blemish free skin

      I would say Food Shots Cherry + Fig is not just a beauty regimen but also an antioxidant that could be part of your daily intake. It has Cherry Bone which is rich in vitamin A. It isn’t harmful because it all comes from natural ingredients. I’ve been taking this product for a month and I could say that it is quite effective. My skin looks softer, clearer, and blemish free. I would definitely buy this again!

    3. Harry
      Age range  
      Reduces dark eye circles

      Dark Circles around the eye area? Who else has this problem? My sister is one of those and it troubles her a lot. Good thing there’s a product like Food Shots Caffeine. It doesn’t only keep her awake but also helps in reducing the dark circles under her eyes. Yes, you wouldn’t believe it but she just rubbed the green tea under her eyes religiously and the result is noticeable.

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    Food Shots. Cherry + Fig



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    Part of Face Serums line

    It is a revolution in the world of natural beauty that has no competition! Our serums reach the deepest layers of skin, offering immediate beauty and nourishment results.

    We are very pleased to work with the You & Oil brand. The brand arrived in Brazil in 2019. And this is already a huge success! We love You & Oil products and trust the high quality and effectiveness of all of them. Thank you You & Oil for having products with such great ingredients! Kisses
    Ananda Boschilia e Santos, Partner and Director
    Biouté, Brazil
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