Food Shot. Antioxidants + Polisacharids Beauty Shot + Anti-Cellulite Body Oil

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THE FLIRT OF BEAUTY AND FOOD. Food shots – are unparalleled natural beauty and wellness products that can be used both inside and outside and provide astonishing nutrition and natural beauty results. This 3 product value bundle consists of F

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This is a cleverly combined product bundle that targets similar problems. These product combinations are hand-picked by our beauty and wellness experts to deliver the best synergetic results.
Please review bundle products separately for more specific information on how to use these products.
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We are very pleased to work with the You & Oil brand. The brand arrived in Brazil in 2019. And this is already a huge success! We love You & Oil products and trust the high quality and effectiveness of all of them. Thank you You & Oil for having products with such great ingredients! Kisses
Ananda Boschilia e Santos, Partner and Director
Biouté, Brazil
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