Immunity Booster Bundle for Adults


Immunity Booster Bundle for Adults

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Be healthy and strong! Every home just needs to have aromatherapy supplies in stock, for both – prevention and well-being.
In the spring, when the sun is dormant but the wind is still cold, it is extremely important to protect against colds, flu or other diseases and infections. Strong immunity also tends to strengthen the defense against viruses and the self-healing of long-standing, sometimes imperceptible, diseases we possess. So, for your convenience, we have released two special immunity booster kits for adults and children. This kit for adults consists of 3 of the most popular KI products – KI Immunity, KI Cold, KI Stress. These bioactive blends of essential oils are extremely effective because the compositions of essential oils create a synergistic effect where one oil enhances the effect of the other. That is why these combinations are more effective than essential oils extracted from a single plant. Buying a kit will save you 20% off the regular price of these products.

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