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The skin is the surface of my personal planet. It lets me feel all the world’s quivers and it’s where every new link starts. It also reflects the most subtle of connections – with my own self. I want this relationship to be sustainable and lively, based on the exchange of nourishing energy, care and elements that are bound to work.

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We want to give you the chance to take care of your skin and health using products that feel close to your body, without forcing it to change its essence. We want to be successful – and success is to have more vivacious and healthy people who make decisions that get them even stronger. “If you want to change the world, create a business that will work on that”, Birutė Nastaravičiūtė, founder of You & Oil, states. Although most thoughts of our philosophy are placed in a single drop of our products, we still have some points we need to mention.

The skin is the surface of my personal planet

We create a nourishing relationship. “When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small” (Kim McMillen). A powerful relationship is born out of intention and knowledge. Even if evaluating your bond with the world can get complicated, usually it’s fairly easy to answer questions like “do you have a nourishing relationship with your skin, with your body?” or “what power does your body possess for fighting ailments?” Our creations – unlike the synthesised materials of the chemical industry – feed and nurture the skin, they keep its vital processes strong, while our health remedies act in a subtle yet effective way. We will help you choose carefully and build nourishing relationships.


a nourishing relationship
a nourishing relationship


Only the things that are bound to work. Life is the most powerful thing on our planet – it created plants that store active and protective substances even when they’re affected by the same outside factors. We develop products from ecological vegetable & essential oil and plant extracts, the bioactive power of which was scientifically proven. While examining new ingredients of vegetative origin and their features, we collaborate with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, also with the Laboratory of Biochemistry & Technology of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture & Forestry.


a nourishing relationship
a nourishing relationship


No cruelty. No substances of animal origin or experiments with animals.

More than ecology. Come back to this page – we will share things that inspire people to become strong and healthy, to foster the overall desire to be happy.